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Author: Ray Gary, iDonate CEO & Founder

Let's talk about how nonprofits can catalyze abundant generosity by utilizing advanced digital fundraising technology to amplify good!

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two men working together on a computer

3 min read

Innovation Is the Shortest Route To Sustainable Growth

Innovation is an essential ingredient of any successful growth strategy. When we survey the for-profit world, we see innovation acting as a catalyst...

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men and women standing around a truck during volunteer event

4 min read

What Does it Mean to Close the Loop?

Every NPO aspires to create a donor base that is recurring and sustainable. Nonprofits don’t close the loop well, which is why 75%-80% of donors...

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three friends talking and laughing together in a park

2 min read

Nonprofits Can Learn to Embrace Strategic Fundraising Plays

If there’s one hurdle the majority of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) continue to struggle with, it’s the persistent absence of a comprehensive...

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