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Also get a first-look demo of the newly-updated Digital Fundraising Platform these fundraising leaders are using to acquire, convert, and retain 2x more of today’s donors.

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Who is Ray Gary?

Ray Gary is the Founder and CEO of iDonate, a Donor-First Fundraising Platform that simplifies fundraising so nonprofits can raise more funds.  He’s also the co-author of Charity Shock, a book which speaks to the coming changes in generosity. 

Ray brings a unique perspective with over 30 years of for-profit business experience, including tenure at Koch Industries where he worked directly with Charles Koch, learning from one the world’s most successful leaders.

Ray’s passion for starting iDonate was to catalyze a world of abundant generosity.  His team is committed to using advanced technology to amplify good every day, building great products and supporting nonprofits that are changing the world.

The Digital Fundraising Wave is Coming...

Will You Sink or Swim?

Learn the 5 Critical Principles to Their Fundraising Success

When looking at the most successful digital fundraisers within our networks, we found there are 5 fundraising secrets that each of these organizations know and leverage to their success.

In this exclusive iDonate event, you'll learn all 5 key fundraising principles, how to leverage them for your own benefit, as well as see first-hand how our robust digital fundraising platform enables you to execute these strategies with ease!


Breaking Through the 2% Ceiling

For decades and decades charitable donation as a percentage of GDP have been stagnant at roughly 2%. Despite many nonprofits' best efforts, we as a whole have not been able to make a substantial impact to this trend.

However, there are fundraisers today that are making a large impact in their respective nonprofit verticals. Organizations like Campus Outreach, Belmont Abby, Jefferson University, Midwest Food Bank, and many more are doing incredible things by leveraging iDonate's Donor-First Optimization platform and Digital Amplification Services.

Learn from what these digital-first fundraising organizations are doing today to grow (and sustain growth) at incredible rates!

2% Giving Chart

See the Fundraising Impact of Donor-First Optimization

When it comes to digital fundraising optimization, you need a platform that makes it simple to test, configure, and adapt your giving experience to meet the needs and expectations of your donors.

iDonate, in partner with NextAfter (the recognized leader in Digital-first Fundraising) has built digital fundraising platform with built-in Donor-First Optimizers that are proven to increase conversion, average gift size, and donor retention. 


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