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Newhouse: Pivoting During COVID with Peer-to-Peer & Virtual Events

Newhouse | iDonate

Newhouse is a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City, MO. Their mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing the tools that allow individuals and families to make positive choices and lead self-sufficient lives.

The Need

During the COVID-19 crisis, most of the US was living under a stay- at-home order. School and business activities were stopped, leaving thousands in the Kansas City area without income and without a place to go. For families dealing with domestic violence, this meant women and children were at home with their abusers 24 hours a day for weeks.
While most of the city was shut down, Newhouse began to see an increase in demand for their services and needed to be able to respond.

Virtual Event

The closures and stay-at-home orders made it impossible for Newhouse to host their annual fundraising luncheon, so the first ever virtual event for Newhouse was created. Newhouse encouraged people to wear purple and share selfie’s on social media with specific campaign hashtags.


Newhouse used the peer-to-peer function within iDonate to create a unique campaign landing page. Because it was set up in the P2P section, the page automatically included a goal meter and listed each donor’s name. In addition, the P2P page allowed Newhouse to pursue corporate gifts and offer those companies a sponsorship position on the page so that others in the area could see what companies were supporting the work of Newhouse.

By the time the campaign finished, March and April were the largest digital fundraising months the organization had experienced. In March alone, the organization raised more than twice as much online as they had in December 2019. The COVID crisis created a unique spike in demand for the organization, and the iDonate platform provided them with the flexibility to create an effective fundraising campaign. The funds allowed Newhouse to better meet the needs of families in the Kansas City area during an unprecedented time.

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