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SLO Food Bank: Exceeding Goals by Pairing P2P with Event Fundraising

SLO Food Bank | iDonate

SLO Food Bank works to alleviate hunger in the San Luis Obispo County community, with an intent on delivering nutrition and care for those in need.


Working closely with community partners in San Luis Obispo County, SLO Food Bank believes in building strong relationships with and serving their community with kindness, respect, and dignity. An important way for SLO Food Bank to do this is to be face-to-face with their community members, hosting events and partnering with local agencies for fundraisers and food drives throughout the year.

With events and venues slowly beginning to open back up after the pandemic, SLO Food Bank looked toward one of their usual biggest events of the year – Hunger Awareness Day – to step back into the community. SLO Food Bank soon announced the SLO Brew Rock Benefit Concert to raise awareness for Hunger Awareness Day. To help, SLO Food Bank needed a simple way to host the information while still giving the donor easy access to their giving forms.


SLO Food Bank utilized iDonate’s Peer-to-Peer platform which allowed them to create a convenient and customizable landing page for the concert. On the page, SLO Food Bank housed giving forms for individual fundraising teams, event sponsors, and even a live stream of the concert for those who couldn’t attend. Doing so kept all the information and engagement in one place for a centralized and easy method of giving for their donors.


The concert itself turned out to be a great success. In all, close to 9,000 tickets were sold during the afternoon-long event. On top of the ticket, food, and drink sales, SLO Food Bank raised over $175,000 across 335 individual donations, shattering their initial goal of $130,000.

“The partnership with iDonate is what I really appreciate the most. There’s a lot of different solutions and tools in the industry, and anytime there’s a system that’s willing to hear you out and take action on it, it helps yours and other organizations too.”
Development Director

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