Best Practices, c. 2021

A collection of helpful tips to grow your online giving revenue.

Create a Great Donation Page

Every high-performing donation page has certain key characteristics Getting people to your donation page is the first step.  Once there, you need to make sure they complete the donation process.

Whether they choose to give or not depends heavily on their donation page experience. Here are some resources you can use to ensure donors have a great donation experience.

Creating a Great Value Proposition: The Key to Conversion

An effective value proposition is one of the most critical motivators for helping visitors to your donation page convert into donors. We have created a worksheet to help guide the development of your organization’s value proposition. 

Click here for a worksheet that can help you create your organization's value proposition.

Creating an Ideal Donation Page

Click here for a helpful guide to creating a great donation page.

Getting More People to Your Donation Page

Getting more traffic to your donation page is easy to say, but much harder to actually do. The key to success here is consistent, strategic communication with your supporters. To help you do this we have developed some resources to get you started.

Drive Traffic Online and Offline

Click here for a list of ideas you can use to drive donation page traffic.

Appeal Quickly

Get supporters to visit your giving page and donate a gift using your new platform this week. 

Click here for an email template you can use to introduce your online giving and ask donors to consider making an online gift.

Email Campaign: More Ways to Give

By having new and different ways for your donors to give, you can create interest and encourage donors to visit your website and learn how they can participate in your mission. Click here for a 3-part email series you can use to introduce more ways of giving.