Campaign Email: A/B Testing

Which one works better?

A/B testing can help you figure out how to send effective emails to your audience. It allows you to control for different variables in order to determine what people respond to.

What is A/B Testing?

In short, A/B testing is trying out two different emails that are almost identical but have one key factor that's different between them with the hopes of figuring out which is more effective.

You can look at open rates, click rates, and/or conversion rates to determine what kind of effect changing that one factor has on email success.

What Can You Test?

You can do A/B testing on nearly any aspect of your email. Here are some things to consider testing:

  • Subject line
  • "From" name (for example, your organization's name vs. your executive director's name)
  • Email design
  • Use of media/images
  • Send time of day
  • Copy length

Using A/B Testing in MailChimp

MailChimp has built in features to help you implement A/B testing. Check out their website here.