Events: Best Practices for Including iDonate Text

♫ You used to call me on your cell phone. ♫

While text giving is easy to use, you will want to do everything you can at the event to introduce people to the concept and encourage them to donate through text. Here are a few tips:

Have Signage/Printed Materials

Written instructions that have your special text giving phone number and explain how to use text giving are really helpful! Consider putting signs up on the walls at a concert. If you're at a fundraising dinner, include simple instructions in the program. If you're at a regular gathering, use the bulletin or program to print out instructions. You could also put instructions up on a slide during your time for announcements.

Have a Call to Action

Don't just put up signage and assume people will give. Incorporate a call to action during the event or gathering! Set aside time to explain the impact of donations, ask people to give, talk them through the giving instructions, and give them time to donate.

 Emphasize That It's Secure

Some people have never used text giving and may be uncomfortable since they're unfamiliar with it. Emphasize that their information is protected and secure.