Setting Up Apple Pay

How to enable Apple Pay on Giving Forms

Important: Only registered users of iDonate Pay or CardConnect are able to use this feature. To register for iDonate Pay, please contact Payments.

Apple Pay integrates differently with iDonate than other platforms, in that iDonate interacts with Apple Pay by way of Benevity. To integrate with Benevity, there is an approval process that usually takes a little over a week to complete.

Create Benevity Account

To begin the process, have your organization's EIN and iDonate's Apple Developer Team ID (contact for more information) ready and go to the Benevity Apple Pay landing page.

The Registration Email

Upon completing the initial account creation process with Benevity, you will receive an email containing your Registration Link along with further instructions.

While in the Benevity account configuration panel, add and when prompted for API URL's.

The Approval Email

After you've completed your registration with Benevity, approximately a week later you will receive an email containing your Approval Request Link.

Enabling Apple Pay in iDonate

After receiving the Approval Email, contact and provide the domains that will be hosting the embeds.

After iDonate support completes their configurations, Apple Pay will be selectable as an Accepted Payment Type in the Embed Editor.

##[image: enable apple pay in gf editor]##