Text Giving Campaign Kit

Resources to help prepare a successful text giving campaign.

Click on the links below to download resources to help you prepare and conduct text-based giving campaigns. Use these inserts, posters, cards and handouts to educate, prepare and launch text-based campaigns to your donors. We offer two types of campaigns:

Long code text campaigns use a 10-digit phone number that we assign to you and the donor texts their donation amount to. There is a limit of 60 donations/minute.

Short code text campaigns offer unlimited texts and donations using unique IDs or keywords that your organization chooses (such as your organization or campaign name, or another easy-to-remember phrase). The donor texts to our 5-digit code (52014), types in your ID (@YourOrgID), and follows the message prompts to complete their donation. iDonate allows you to have an unlimited number of keywords. There is a limit of 600 donations/minute.

For more information, please view the Text to Give Feature Sheet