Unleash the Power of Non-Cash Giving

Open up your donors' options with non-cash options.

The ability to accept noncash donations is exciting. Noncash gifts are an untapped source of giving. Over 90% of the average person's wealth is in noncash assets rather than cash.

Unless you communicate your ability to accept noncash gifts, donors may not be aware that noncash gifts can have a tremendous impact on your organization.

By making noncash giving an integral part of your fundraising programs, donors will see their possessions as valuable resources that can make a positive impact on your mission.

Introducing Online Non-Cash Donations

In order to generate excitement about your newfound ability to accept noncash donations, we recommend that you announce it like any other exciting organizational news. Broadcast it as widely as you can through all your communication channels.

Vehicles are a common and effective form of noncash giving, but your campaigns should not be limited to one asset type.

You will be surprised at the noncash assets you could receive when you promote noncash giving to your donors. Here are some examples of noncash donations we have processed for our customers.

It is important to remember that all noncash assets are not created equal. Certain assets will generate value for your organization due to transportation costs, secondary market valuations, or obsolescence. Here is a list of appropriate and inappropriate noncash asset types to communicate to your donors.

Emphasize That Non-Cash Donations are Transacted Online

In order to prevent your facility becoming a drop-off zone for unaccepted items, be sure to emphasize the online nature of noncash donating and share the list of accepted and non-accepted items.

Keep Telling Donors

When communicating anything new in life, repetition is key. We recommend continually reminding donors that they can give noncash items online. Include information on noncash giving in all of your regular communication channels:

  • Email signatures
  • Newsletters
  • Print materials
  • Social Media accounts
  • Website pages

Communicating to Donors RE: Non-Cash

As you tell your donors about the power of their noncash assets, keep in mind that how you communicate noncash donations is critical. The words and phrases you use will set donor expectations and generate excitement. To help with this, we've written an article specifically discussing how to talk to your donors about noncash donations, click here.

Remember to keep the words you use consistent throughout your organization's communication. By sending a single unified message, your donors will know what to expect and minimize attempts to donate items with little value to your organization.

Click here to download campaign materials you can use to ask your donors for vehicle donations.