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Alabama Baptist Children's Homes

“Our events serve a purpose of introducing us to a business as well as to many new potential donors,” McMichen said. “We have very dedicated churches that are loyal givers to us, and the number of individuals who give is growing dramatically. These individuals are typically members of partnering churches. It's really not just revenue that is going up, but it's that donors are understanding our mission and staying engaged.”

ZOE International

ZOE’s social media presence has become a key factor in delivering their messaging across the U.S. and the world — nearly 30% of their online engagement has been through social media. Through other channels like Google Ads and direct website traffic, ZOE is working to keep the donors coming back. They have made recurring giving an integral part of their fundraising efforts.

Midwest Food Bank

“It’s very clear that iDonate is consistent with the Midwest Food Bank culture,” Hoerr said. “We are a growing organization and as iDonate continues to have enhancements and new features, we want to be on the leading edge and taking advantage of those benefits.”

Campus Outreach

In 2017, 83% of total giving was done offline through traditional channels like checks and cash, with only 17% of donations coming through digital channels. That statistic is now the exact opposite, with 83% of all giving received digitally.

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