The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnerships

This month’s issue features another incredible organization, Midwest Food Bank. Midwest is comprised of 10 locations around the country, one in Kenya, and multiple locations throughout Haiti, that provide essential food relief services to thousands of people in need every year. They’re a highly rated charity that runs an incredibly efficient food distribution operation; perhaps you’ve heard or seen them as they’ve been nationally recognized. In our feature story, we’ve highlighted their significant gains in both online giving and donor retention since partnering with iDonate.

This month’s issue also features information on peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising. P2P can be confusing, as there are so many terms and “use cases” for how the strategy and technologies can be deployed. You’ll hear terms like P2P, DIY, Crowdfunding, and many others. 

I like to keep things simple; at its core, it’s simply a strategy that allows your donors to become fundraisers for your organization. It’s built on a couple of core principles: 

  1. Your donors love your organization and want to see it succeed, and
  2. People give more when a friend asks them. In fact, the average peer-to-peer campaign raises $391 and the average gift to a P2P campaign in 2020 was $91 ( 

And this fundraising strategy continues to grow. One of my personal passions is to see this technology used by support staff and missionaries to make raising their personal funds easier. Peer-to-peer pages allow them to keep their story and journey fresh for their supporters, make it incredibly easy for their supporters to give, and even keep the nonprofit up-to-date on all of their fundraising activities—as well as the donors they may not yet have a connection with. 

If you didn’t receive our first issue, you can get it by visiting Thanks for reading this and learning about how we’re serving great clients like Midwest Food Bank. Would love to hear from you at any time. Feel free to reach out directly at

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