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Of course we connect to the leading Donor Management Systems

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Keep the focus on the donor.

Databases are of great importance and we certainly believe organization should have one. However, we think the donor applications are where the highest return on your marketing investment is realized.

That’s why we focus exclusively on building the best giving experiences for your donors. While there are many choices in databases, we’re somewhat indifferent to the one you choose.

In fact, with iDonate, you can start with one and move to another with no loss of data and no disruption for your donors.

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Keep your data.

We believe your data is not only your data, but also needs to get to your database in an easy, seamless and efficient way. Not sure why other companies make it hard to get your data, but we hear they do.

In fact, some of them make it almost impossible for you to get data out and/or use it with other systems. And when it comes to data, sometimes you just want to do it your way. We get it.

We’ve anticipated that and taken integrations to the next level by giving you control of how you want to receive your data. It’s all technical stuff for the technically minded, but we can talk webhooks, APIs, and SKDs with the best of them.


Keep your workflow organized.

Integrations should not just work, but should work great! “Pushing” a file over is not enough. You have to ensure all the campaign codes, giving pages, and projects stay lined up. And a donor that gave has to match the one already in your database.

We’ve worked hard to make integrations work well and make sure things stay in sync from front to back.

In fact, we’ve taken on some of the most complex integrations in the industry and, as a result, helped our customers save time money and a lot of stress with data management.


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I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with members of iDonate’s management team over the past several years to deliver their solutions to our the Jewish Federation community. iDonate never failed to demonstrate their commitment to ensure that their platform and integrations met the needs of the Federations. I’m excited to work closely with the iDonate team to provide resources for all federations.

Steve Cupertino
Former CIO of Jewish Federations of North America


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We attribute our growth in online donations to the fact that with iDonate we can easily run specific, personalized giving campaigns that our alumni can connect to.
David Ritchie
Director of Information Services, Jefferson University
We've seen our donations double in the first two months of using iDonate.
Forest Pickett
Director of Development, OBU
In just two months we've already seen a 20% increase of first-time givers. We've seen tremendous results.
John Whitaker
Executive Director, Midwest Food Bank