How to Setup Apple Pay for Customers on 2.0


If an org using Wix or Squarespace asks about Apple Pay, verify whether they are on CardConnect, then use the HubSpot snippet #applepaysorry to reply (edit as appropriate).


Step 1: Verify the org is on CardConnect:

  1. Login to 
  2. Search and select the org
  3. Click the Cogwheel and select “Payment Gateways”
  4. Look for the “Spreedly: CardConnect” or “CardConnect: CardConnect” gateway:




  • If the organization is on CardConnect, proceed to Step 2.
  • If the organization is NOT on CardConnect, respond to their request with the following:


We would be happy to help you set up Apple Pay for your organization! The first step we will need to complete is to get your organization setup on iDonate’s Merchant Processing Partner, CardConnect. Please fill out this form to start the application process.


Step 2: Check if the organization has their Bronze Seal of Transparency:

We use Candid’s Eligibility API to verify whether organizations have their Bronze Seal of Transparency. If they do, they are eligible to receive donations via Apple Pay. To see if an organization is eligible, you’ll need the following:


  • Organization Name/ID
  • Organization Tax ID (this may already be loaded in GMS Next)
  • Super admin access to GMS Next

How to check an organization’s eligibility:

  1. Login to GMS Next and pull up the organization
  2. Enter the organization’s Tax ID into the “Tax ID” field if it’s not already there
  3. Find the “Apple Pay Eligible” field, and click “Refresh”


What if the org ISN’T eligible?


Orgs can earn their Bronze Seal of Transparency by creating a Guidestar account here and entering their nonprofit information. Here is an article on the fields needed on their account for eligibility: 


NOTE: Organizations must have earned their Bronze Seal within the last YEAR


***Skip to Step 6 if the org is only using Apple Pay on Hosted Pages***

Step 3: Can the Org Complete this Process?


We need to make sure the organization has the resources to complete the Apple Pay Setup process from start to finish. Please reply to the organization’s request to setup Apple Pay by using the following snippet (also attached below) in HubSpot: #applepayinfo


Hello {org contact}

Thank you for expressing an interest in using Apple Pay, we would be happy to start this process for you! In order to begin, we ask that you please read the following requirements for enabling Apple Pay in their entirety, then confirm via this email thread that your organization would like to move forward with setting up Apple Pay:

  • Apple requires domain certification to use Apple Pay. Later on in the setup process, we will provide your organization with domain verification files that will need to be installed to your provided domain(s) at the following path for each domain:
    • https://[DOMAIN_NAME]/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.txt

You may need to speak to your web developer or your IT department to assist with this task. Please confirm that your team can install and host a verification file on the domain (and not just on the website) level. Then, we can move to the next step in the Apple Pay setup process!

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and we’d be happy to assist!


Proceed to Step 4 only when Steps 1-3 have been verified.

Step 4: Domain Verification

Note: this step usually has a turnaround of less than 1 business day

Once Steps 1-3 have been confirmed, ask for the domain(s) the org would like to use to receive donations via Apple Pay. Then:

  1. Take the domain(s) the org provided and fill out a Support Form with the following info:
    1. Hi Support! {Org name} would like to receive donations via Apple Pay. Could I please have domain verification files for the following domain(s)? Thanks!
    2. NOTE: If you have access to our Apple Dev account, use the following Scribe to provision the domain verification file directly: 
  2. Download the file(s) from Support, and create a Sharefile link (or other secure link) using the following Scribe:
  3. Reply to the org’s email with the following snippet (also attached) in HubSpot: #domainverification

Hello {org contact},

Attached is a domain verification file from Apple that will need to be installed to your domain. The file has 7 days to be installed, so please make sure your team is able to complete this step within that time frame. You may need to contact your webmaster for additional support.

File: {insert Sharefile secure link to domain verification file}

Instructions for webmaster:

Host your domain-verification file at the following path for each domain you’re registering:


Please confirm via this support ticket when the verification file has been installed to your domain. Then, we can wrap up the rest of the process on our side!

  1. Go into the HubSpot ticket and set a task for 7 days out, then remove the org contact and close the ticket. If the org does not reply before the task reminder goes off, use the HubSpot snippet #applepayfollowup to respond (tweak as needed):

Hi {org contact}

I hope you are having a great week! We noticed that it has been 7 days since we provided your domain verification file from Apple. We wanted to check in with you to confirm whether the file was installed to your domain within the 7 day time frame, and would be happy to provide a new file if needed.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Step 5: iDonate Developer Account File Verification

Once you receive an email from the org confirming they have installed their domain verification file, please reply to the Support email with a Slack message with the following content:

  • Hi Support! {Org name} just confirmed they have installed the Apple domain verification file(s) we provided. May you please verify their domain {domain name here} in our Apple Developer account? Thanks!


Step 6: Install Digital Wallet Payment Gateway

Note: this step usually has a turnaround of less than 1 business day


By now, you have hopefully received an email from the organization confirming their team installed the domain verification file(s) or that the org just wants to use Apple Pay on Hosted Pages. Now, you will need to install a digital wallet payment gateway to the organization in iDonate. Please refer to the following Scribe to complete this step:


Step 7: Enable Apple Pay

Almost there!


  1. Add Apple Pay to the org’s features in Next using this Scribe:
  2. Use the HubSpot snippet #acceptedtypeapple to respond to the org:


Hi {org contact},

Thank you for confirming that your team has successfully installed the domain verification files! Apple Pay can now be added to any of your Single-page embeds, and these embeds can be hosted on your approved domain(s). Please see the attached help article for steps on adding Apple Pay to a Single-page embed:

Please note: The Apple Pay will only be visible on an Apple device using Safari.



Step 8: Checklist

Check your work


  • Organization is on CardConnect
  • Organization has their valid Tax ID in GMS Next
  • Organization has their Guidestar Bronze Seal of Transparency (eligibility check says “True” in GMS Next next to Tax ID)
  • Justin has provided domain verification files for the org to install at the domain level
  • Domain verification files were installed within the 7 day time frame
  • Digital wallet payment gateway was installed for the org
  • “Apple Pay” is switched on in Next under the org’s Accepted Types
  • Organization has been notified they can start receiving donations via Apple Pay