How to Backfill Missing Batches in Reconciliation

This article aims to help internal users understand and use the "Request Backfill" button available in GMS Next

Although we are constantly improving the performance and offerings of our Reconciliation Tool, we do occasionally receive reports of "missing batches" from certain organizations. If you receive one of these requests, you may use the following steps to rectify the missing batches.

Find the Organization in GMS Next

  1. Login to  
  2. Click "Organizations" > "All Organizations"
  3. Type the organization name in the search bar
  4. Click Search 
  5. Select the organization. Note: if no organization pulls up, verify that you are on the right platform and typing in the correct organization name.

Open Merchants and Request Backfill

  1. Click "Merchants" in the menu bar. You should see at least one MID (Merchant ID) listed for the organization.
    1. If the missing batch is a credit/debit card donation, look for the credit card MID. This MID usually starts with a 4.
    2. If the missing batch is from an echeck donation, look for the BCX (BluePay) MID. This MID usually starts with the prefix "BCX" and a 2.
  2. Click "Request Backfill" next to the corresponding MID.

Note: if you are unsure which MID to use, you can verify in Copilot

What Happens Next?

  1. The "Request Backfill" button will mark the last sync date for that org's Reconciliation as "null."
  2. Then, the backfill process runs at 4pm daily. When the system sees the last sync date as null, it will automatically pull in all Reconciliation history for that org. Note: batches that have already populated will be skipped.
  3. After using the "Request Backfill" button in GMS Next, missing batches should populate by that evening. We recommend notifying orgs they can view their missing batches in Reconciliation the "next day" to allow you the time to verify first.