A Brief Summary of iDonate P2P

"Then they told two friends, and then those two friends told two friends..."

iDonate’s P2P feature allow organizations to empower individuals with the tools to create their own crowd-sourced fundraising efforts.

Anyone can join the P2P program with a personalized fundraiser page, allowing the program to grow organically as it is shared through familiar online avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The Components and Terminology of iDonate P2P

  • Fundraiser - The Fundraiser can be thought of as the 'Peer' in 'Peer to Peer'.
  • Program - Contains all components of the P2P Campaign.
  • Team - If enabled within the program, allows for multiple fundraisers to band together or compete with other Teams.

The P2P Tree Analogy

The components of iDonate P2P can be thought of like a tree.

The trunk of the tree is the Program, the branches are Teams, and the leaves are individual Fundraisers.

Just like leaves collect sunlight and pass the energy through the branches to the trunk, so do the individual fundraisers collect donations and pass the funds through the teams to the program.