AB Testing

Which works better? Giving Form A or Giving Form B?


One of the more exciting new features in iDonate 2.0 is the addition of AB Testing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, AB Testing is when you have two variations of an experience (in this case, a Giving Form), and you show Experience A to one half of your visitors while showing Experience B to the other half, in order to see which one has more favorable metrics.

We've added this functionality to our platform, giving organizations the power to gather these insights, and use them to drive conversion.

Setting Up an AB Test


To begin, you will need to have a Giving Form to test.

Use the top navigation to make your way to the Strategy section.

Then, select Create A/B Test.

You will then select the Giving Form to test.

Then, enter a name for the A/B Test.  It can be helpful to have the name correspond with the variation that is being tested, e.g. Layout, phrasing.


This will bring you to Page One of the setup process.  Here, you will describe your AB Test, make your prediction as to the outcome, and specify the duration of the test.  Select Next to continue.

Now, you can use the familiar Giving Form Builder interface to make your variation.  When finished, select Next to continue.


This will bring up the Hosted Page Builder interface to make your Hosted Page variation.  When finished, select Next to continue.

The Review screen will show you all the pertinent data of your test, as well as the variations to your Giving Form.  

To begin your AB Test, select Publish.

Viewing the Results of an AB Test


To view tests in progress or finished tests, navigate to Strategy, then select View A/B Tests.

To view the results of a test, hover over the card and then select Overview.

To see a preview of which forms are being tested, hover over the card and select Preview.

To manually end an A/B Test, hover over the card of a test in progress, then select End Test.