Add a Giving Form to Your Website

Where the rubber meets the road.

The Giving Form is the point of contact between donor and organization.

Adding a Giving Form to your website will provide a seamless giving experience from application to gift completion. A major benefit of this is that donors are not directed to a third-party site during the giving process. This provides a feeling of security and eliminates confusion when making a gift.

The Embed Code

The Giving Form is added to websites via the Embed Code.  These two lines of code will load the necessary scripts, then load the giving form interface.

To access the Code Snippet, first navigate to the Campaign with which your Giving Form is associated.  Then, mouse-over the Giving Form's "card" and select Embed Code.  From the pop-up modal, either copy the code manually, or select Copy Code.

Place Embed Code on a Web Page

Next, open your web page's source code, then paste the Embed Code, making adjustments to placement if necessary.  Upload the updated page, and your Giving Form is now live.