Automated iDonate Peer-to-Peer Program Emails

A list of communications that P2P participants will receive.

Each iDonate Peer-to-Peer program generates automated email communication with your donor-advocates.

Your fundraisers will receive the following emails during their fundraising effort:

  • Account Created
  • Congratuations emails for 75%/50%/25% progress toward their goal
  • Congratulations email upon reaching 100% of their goal
  • Confirmation of donation refund sent to donor
  • Notification that a donation was received
  • Invitation to donate sent by a fundraiser to friends and family
  • Invitation to join a team sent by a fundraiser to friends and family
  • Ideas to get started sent to individual fundraiser in response to a period of no donations
  • Welcome to new fundraising team member
  • Notification that a new fundraiser joined your team
  • Congratulations on creating a new fundraising team
  • Thank you email to donor
  • Weekly update email sent to individual and team fundraisers

Below are some examples of the automated email content your fundraising team members and individuals received during one of your iDonate peer-to-peer programs.