Campaign Email: Effectively Using Your Database

Knowledge is power.

In order for your database to be helpful and effective for email campaigns, you have to use it efficiently. A database is a fantastic tool, but it'll only be as effective as the systems you have in place to maintain it. Here are some things to keep in mind as you use your database.

Make Sure You're Inputting the Information You Need

As early as possible, make sure your database is set up in a way that's optimal for your organization. This means you want your donor profiles to have fields where you can input information that's important to you.

For example, will you designate whether someone is a recurring donor, one-time donor, or non-donor contact (for example, volunteers)? Having fields that let you mark important information about donors and potential donors will help you segment more effectively.

Have a Good, Consistent Data Entry System

When you get the information for new donors or friends, know how it'll be put into your system. Who is responsible for data entry? Is any part of the process automated? Take the time to develop strong internal procedures.

Keep Information Up-to-Date

In addition to knowing how you'll get initial information into your database, know how you'll update it. Who is responsible for updating your donor profiles as things change?

Know How to Run Reports

Learn how to run reports and filter for information in your system. How can you pull information about recurring donors or donors located in California?

Take the time to learn how to run reports for different information in your database so that you can organize your donor information easily and efficiently!