Communicate Progress Toward the Campaign Goal

Stay visible.

You want to be mindful of how often you're communicating with your supporters. We get it– fundraising isn't the only type of communication you send out. You're also reaching out to people to tell them about big organizational changes or to ask them to help out at an event. Because of that, you'll want to coordinate communication across the organization.

Plan Your Master Calendar

It's important to create a master calendar – plan in advance for the entire year. Decide ahead of time when you'll do your 6 week campaigns as well as programming, volunteer recruitment, and other major events. It can be stressful– both for your staff and for your biggest supporters – to have a lot going on at once.

So, try not to plan your biggest 6 week campaign at the same time as your largest event or major volunteer recruitment push. By coordinating across the organization, you can ensure that your master calendar works for everyone!

Streamline Your Communication

While your master calendar should help you plan well, there will still be busy times. You don't want to flood people's inboxes with lots of communication from your organization at once – if people get too many emails from you, they may be overwhelmed and less likely to pay attention.

So, streamline communication when you can. It's okay to remind people about your vehicle campaign in the same newsletter where you're announcing an upcoming community event. Or, if you have several big things to communicate and you'd like to do it separately, space out your content well. Make sure the people in your organization communicate internally so that you're thoughtful about your communication timing.