Configuring a Recurring Gift Array

Take donors to an alternate gift array when they choose to make a donation recurring.

You can now configure an optional alternate recurring gift array on your organization's Giving Forms. This allows you to display different gift amounts depending on whether the donor choose to give one-time, or make their donation recurring.

Adding a Recurring Gift Array to Giving Forms

1. Start by opening the Giving Form Editor

2. Select the "Donation Options" Element, and toggle on "Allow Alternate Recurring Options"

3. Configure the Alternate Recurring Gift Array in the same manner as you would the One-Time Gift Array

4. The One-Time Gift Array will trigger when the donor choose to Donate Once. The Recurring Gift Array will trigger when the donor chooses any other frequency besides Once. 

Removing the Alternate Recurring Gift Array

If you'd like to disable the alternate gift array option, there's no need to go through these steps backwards. Simply toggle off the "Allow Alternate Recurring Gift Array" option in the "Donation Options" element.