Creating Impact Statements

Let your donors know the difference their gift makes.

Impact statements are a great way to reinforce the benefits of making a donation.  In the new Giving Form, the Impact Statement now has customizable statements for each item in the Gift Array.

From the Giving Form Editor, select Impact.  Select the pencil next to the item from the Gift Array that you would like to add an Impact Statement to.  Enter your statement, then select Update.  The Impact Statement will now appear when the donor has that corresponding Gift Array item selected.

Custom Impact Equations

When creating Impact statements, there is also the option to add a Custom Impact Equation.  This statement takes the amount entered in the Custom Amount (Other) field, then does some math based on the information you enter into the Custom Amount Impact Statement, creating a statement that reads like "$5 = 1 Item", "$10 = 2 Items", and so on.