Domain Masking

Changing the Hosted Page URL

By default, the URL of Hosted Pages will appear like so:

But what if you wanted it to look more like this?

This is where Domain Masking comes into play.

Step One: Your Domain Name Registrar

Next, you will need to contact your Domain Name Registrar and confirm their process for configuring what is known as a CNAME.

Usually, the relevant configuration items are as follows:

  • Type: This value should be set to "CNAME".
  • Name: The first part of the new URL, e.g. a Name (CNAME) of 'give' would result in a URL that reads "".
  • Value: This targets our masking service.  The value will always be "".
  • TTL: Set this to the lowest possible time for faster propagation (meaning the time until your donors would see the new URL).

Step Two: Contact iDonate Support

To begin the process, create and publish a Hosted Page, then gather the following information:

  • The URL of the domain to be used (e.g.
  • The URL of the Hosted Page to be used (e.g.
  • The Name (CNAME) configured in Step One.

Place this information in an email directed to our iDonate support team at the following submission form with a subject along the lines of "Domain Masking for [Your Organization Here]".

Once completed, your new branded URL will be visible to your donors.

You can check the status of this change using