Editing the Receipt

Understanding the new receipt system

In the latest edition of iDonate, one of the features that has been thoroughly re-worked is Receipts.  Before, the Receipt Email was configured within the Organization section.  Now, the Receipt Email is a subsidiary of the Giving Form, which is a subsidiary of the Campaign.

In addition to adjusting their infrastructure, we've also expanded the customization options for Receipts.  Read along for a detailed explanation.

Navigate to Receipts

From the Campaigns section, select the Campaign containing the Giving Form you wish to edit the Receipt of.

Then, select Edit on the Giving Form card that corresponds with the Receipt you need to edit.

From the top navigation of the Giving Form Editor, select Receipt.  This will show you the Receipt you have assigned to the Giving Form, and all available Receipt Templates.

Editing the Receipt

On the Receipt screen, select Edit Receipt.  This will bring up the Receipt Editor.

To edit a section, mouse-over the section and select the Pencil Icon.  To move a section, select and hold the Three-Line Icon as you drag and drop it to the desired location.

You can add Custom Content, which is great for adding a personal touch to the Receipt.

You can add and remove Merge Tags.  These will display the details of the transaction, such as Donor Name or Transaction Amount.

To set the Email Subject, select Email Details.

When finished, select Save & Return.