Getting the Most from Text Giving

5 Tips to help you get the most out of your new fundraising tool.

  1. Keep keywords relevant

    Your keyword should reflect the tone of what people are giving to. If you're asking people to donate to your cause that feeds children, you probably don't want to make your keyword "FUN."

  2. Keep keywords short and simple

    Short, simple keywords are easy for donors to remember and reduce the risk of typos that could prevent them from donating.

  3. Communicate a clear call to action

    As with all your communications, it is important to tell your donors exactly what you're asking them to do. Make it as clear and simple as possible. If you would like them to donate to your cause via text, ask them to "Please text [KEYWORD] to 99999".

  4. Make your number and keyword visible

    It is very important to allow donors to read your keyword and number, not just hear it. This eliminates confusion and allows people to visually reference the information they will need in order to complete their donation. Include the keyword and number on printed materials, event signage and your slide deck.

  5. Provide instructions and set expectations

    If time allows, let people know how to donate and what they can expect the experience to be like immediately following your ask. We recommend something like, "Please text KEYWORD to 99999. When you do, you'll receive a reply with a link that will tell you exactly how to donate."