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How do I become PCI compliant?

For our organizations that utilize CardConnect, achieving PCI compliance involves completing an annual questionnaire. The following steps can assist and guide you in obtaining the necessary support.

To set up your PCI Compliance, please log into the VikingCloud (formerly known as SecureTrust) portal: https://managepci.com/safemaker/login/portal.

If you have not created a Profile yet, once logged in, you will see a button on the screen that shows Start Business Profile. This will guide you through a series of questions tailored to determine the correct SAQ required for your business. The three options presented are as follows:

(1) Guide Me - Step-by-step process guide on completing the steps for Compliance

*We strongly suggest selecting this option.

(2) Expert - Skips right to the compliance questions without further assistance/information (This can be turned on at any time)

(3) Upload - The merchant can choose this option to upload their documentation.

Further details can be found within the PCI - Merchant Guide
VikingCloud provided a video as well below for guidance.


iDonate is unable to complete the PCI questionnaire for your organization. If you require additional assistance after filling out the merchant profile, we recommend contacting VikingCloud at 877-257-0239 with your Merchant ID number. Thank you.