How to change minimum donation amount

These steps will step you through increasing the minimum donation amount on 2.0 forms

Setting a minimum donation amount on a donation form can help prevent fraudsters from testing credit card numbers for validity by making small, inconspicuous charges. Fraudsters may try these small charges to see if the transaction goes through without raising red flags with the cardholder or financial institution. If the transaction is successful, they can then use the same card for larger, more profitable fraudulent transactions. This measure helps ensure that the donations received are legitimate, maintaining trust with your donors and safeguarding your resources. This is not available on 1.0 legacy forms.

  1. Go to Campaigns and click the campaign associated with the offending giving form
  2. Find the giving form channel card and click Edit
  3. Click Donation Options from the Element Library
  4. Scroll down to Custom Amount and adjust the Minimum Custom Amount to $15 or more (based on the $ amount of the suspicious donations)
  5. Publish Form to save changes

NOTE: Remember to decrease this amount, if applicable, once any fraudulent testing has stopped.