How to Enable the Tribute Feature on iDonate Giving Form

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable the Tribute feature on an iDonate Giving Form.

Locating the Giving Form

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Campaigns
  3. Select your desired Campaign, and locate your Giving Form
  4. Hover over the Giving Form channel card and click Edit

The Giving Form Editor - Tributes

  1. In the Elements menu, select Tribute
  2. Toggle Enable Tribute to ON
  3. Enter your Tribute Section Title (example: Would you like to make this donation a tribute?)
  4. Choose what information you'd like to collect from your donor, such as Tribute name, email, and address
  5. Close the dropdown to continue
  6. Let the donor know what you plan to do with the Tribute information (example: we will put the Tribute's name on a plaque)

The Giving Form Editor - Ecards

Note: Sending an E-card will be an option for your donors to select as they're making their Tribute if you opt into the Include E-card feature. 

If the donor opts into creating an E-card for their Tribute, the Tribute recipient will be sent the card at the time of donation creation.

If the donor opts out of sending an E-card to the honoree, the Tribute information will still be captured on the donation record for the organization to view.

Configuring the E-card

  1. Toggle Include E-card to ON
  2. Enter a Section Title that will appear in the Tribute Modal
  3. Give the donor instructions for filling out the E-card (example: Select the image you want to include in your E-card)
  4. Fill out the E-card Organization Message. This will go in the E-card email body
  5. Choose whether you'd like to Allow Donor to Add Custom Message
  6. Drag & Drop or Upload up to four E-card images (no more than 10mb each) for the donor to select
  7. Make sure to Publish your Giving Form to save your customizations!

E-Cards: The Donor Experience

Donors can choose whether their Tribute gift is In Memory or In Honor of the Tribute.

They can also choose to opt-out of the E-card altogether, in case they don't know the Tributes email address. This helps create less friction in the Tribute and giving experience. 

Donors can go back and edit the Tribute and E-card info at any time in the giving experience.

E-Cards: The Recipient Experience

So, what does the e-card email actually look like? We're so glad you asked! 

What the recipient sees in their email inbox is dependent on how much both you and the donor customized the e-card. Here is an example of an e-card: