Introducing the iDonate Giving Form to Donors

Make a good first impression with your donors.

When it comes to completing tasks (like donating to an organization), people usually don't like change. That's why we recommend introducing the new giving form to your donors.

Not only will introducing the new look and feel help your donors embrace the donation form, it gives you a great reason to drive traffic to your website and encourage your donors to give, set up recurring gifts, or donate noncash items.

Tips for Introducing the Giving Form

Include Pictures - When communicating electronically, include screenshots or graphics of the new form so that donors can see how simple it is.

Tell Donors why the new giving form benefits them - One of the benefits of this form is that it will make it even easier for donors to support you. Let Donors know that you've streamlined the giving process and made it easier than ever for them to support you with features like automatic recurring giving.

Tell Donors that you're excited about it - Donors can't get excited about it if you aren't excited about it!

Encourage Donors to try out the form - Seeing is believing. By encouraging your donors to try out the form first hand, you get them using the form and hopefully supporting your organization right away.

Have staff prepared to assist donors with the form - Although the form is simple and intuitive, donors may still have questions. We recommend that your staff be educated on the form and able to answer any questions or concerns a donor may have.

Utilize iDonate videos - iDonate has videos that help demonstrate how to use the donation form.

Keep talking about it - We recommend repeatedly mentioning the new giving form. It'll take some time for all your donors to receive the message, so tell them every chance you can: announcements at live events, conversations with individuals, blurbs in your newsletters, social media posts, etc. A great way to bring up the donation form with your donors in conversation is to ask for their feedback. This lets you informally poll your donors and opens the door to encourage them to use the form if they haven't already.