Leveraging Donor Relationships

And then they told two friends, and they told two friends...

As you make decisions about your campaign, a secondary objective should be to build and leverage donor relationships. Essentially, you want a committed group of supporters who are excited about your organization's story and will help you tell it!

Ways to Leverage Donor Relationship

You want to empower your supporters to be an advocate for your organization. Here are some ways to do that

  • Ask them to help you get donations – This can work especially well for gift card campaigns--encourage your donors to reach out to their people and to actively help you recruit more donors! Double the fun by making it a competition or having some type of incentive for your most successful supporters.
  • Make sure your campaign is easily shareable – Use social media effectively during your campaigns so your donors and friends have interesting, shareable content they can pass along to their networks. Excellent videos, stories on your blog, and other media are also great for sharing!
  • Host an event – An event is a great way for your committed donors to invite their friends to support your organization! Events are an opportunity to effectively use text-to-give and they are a great place to tell your organization's story. Ask your committed supporters to host a table at a luncheon, sell concert tickets, or invite their friends to a silent auction.