Church Community Builder Webhook Installation Guide

Install the Church Community Builder Webhook to integrate iDonate donations with your CRM


CCB = Church Community Builder (CCB), which has recently been recoined Pushpay ChMS. For the purposes of this article, we will still refer to the integration as Church Community Builder, or CCB for short.

iX = Integration Exchange. This is often referred to as “the iX”

Org = Organization


We recommend that you create a separate user in your organization with an email
address of The sole purpose of this user is to have an
account that will interact with our API on your organization’s behalf. This user’s
credentials should only be passed along to the individual(s) maintaining your GMS
instance and should not be used by any user for regular login or performing regular tasks in GMS2.

Complete Step 1 of the following article: 


  1. Login to your GMS2 instance
  2. Click the ⚙ icon at the top right of your screen
  3. Select Webhooks from the dropdown

  4. Click the Available Webhook Adapters dropdown, and select Church Community Builder Webhook
  5. Click Install New Webhook

  6. Enter your API URL, Username, Password, and optionally Campus ID (if using multiple chapters) in the following fields. If you do not know how to obtain this information, please reference Step 1 of the following support article:

  7. Click Create Webhook