Refunding a Donation

Sometimes, things don't go as planned.

Perhaps a generous donor accidentally contributed an incorrect amount or had a sudden change of heart. Regardless of the reason, offering refunds fosters goodwill and maintains transparency and trust with your donors. Our iDonate dashboard ensures that each step of the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Locating the Donation

Please note, these steps can only be used for credit/debit card donations.

  1. Navigate to Reporting
  2. Find the donation to be refunded from the Donations Report. Verify that it was a credit payment method used. 

  3. Select the Transaction

Issuing a Refund

  1. In the top right actions menu, click Send Refund
  2. You may select Yes to confirm the refund, or Cancel to abandon this action

What Happens Next?

The Donation will show either Voided or Refunded and the date the refund was issued.

The donor will receive a Donation Refund Confirmation to their email notifying them their donation was refunded.