Release Notes - Post Code Freeze Release

January 16th, 2024

New Features

  • Users can unsubscribe from scheduled reports from the report email
  • Users can filter by “Payment Method Type” to view Apple/Google Pay donations in Reporting
  • Allow multiple filtering for a single field in Reporting: users can add 2 created dates to their reporting filters and generate “between” dates
  •  Unique visitors added to A/B test metrics; conversion now based on unique visitors
  • Native security imagery and messaging added to Giving Forms
  • Recipient First and Last Name added to Tribute info on Giving Forms


  • iX now gracefully handles special characters and pushes them to Salesforce as expected

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected certain Dashboard discrepancies to reflect accurate revenue data based on selected date ranges
  • Bug corrected where some users were unable to delete their own reports successfully