Requesting a Donor Update

Send an automated email to donors requesting they update their information

You may have noticed a donor's recurring gift is failing, and would like to request they update their information in DSS to prevent interruptions in their giving. Your organization has the ability to send donors an automated email in just a few steps:

Requesting a Donor Update

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Reporting
  3. Open the Recurrings report
  4. Type to search for your donor, and click the Donor Name to open their Recurring Schedule Details page

  5. Locate the Actions menu in the top right corner, and click Request Donor Update
  6. If this action was successful, you will receive a green confirmation popup in the top right corner of your screen

What kind of email will the donor receive?

The Request Donor Update email will contain:

  • A short message requesting they update their information
  • A link to your branded Donor Self-Service (DSS) Portal
  • The donor's information
  • Information regarding their active recurring gift