Social Media: How to Talk to your Followers

Connect with your social media audience.

Social media is a casual, fun, and personable way to interact with your audience.

It gives space for other people to join the conversation about your organization's work.  You want to be aware of your tone-- you'll probably use a more casual and conversational tone on social media than you'll use for other communication channels.  Here are some things to keep in mind when writing for social media.

Be Conversational

For all intents and purposes, social media should be thought of as a conversation, not a billboard.

Be personable, be casual, and make them feel interesting.

Be Upbeat and Fun

Stay upbeat and fun on your social media channels.  Well, maybe tone it down a bit on LinkedIn, but otherwise,  it's okay to be funny or quirky.  Just make sure the person writing your jokes actually knows how to get a laugh.

Don't be afraid to post content that's really fun, but would never make the cut for your more formal newsletter. Social media is the place to share a silly picture of your staff setting of up for an event or an endearing quote from one of the people your organization works with.

Match Their Conversation Style When Responding

When people contact you via social media, make sure to consider their tone and posting style when you respond. If someone posts a long post about how thankful they are for your organization, you may want to respond with something longer and more thoughtful than, "Thank you!" On the other hand, if someone tweets at you to ask what time the event starts that night, there's no reason to say more than "8:00 pm -- see you there!"

When you converse with people face-to-face, you constantly notice their tone and conversation style and adjust your own accordingly. Use that relational IQ when you converse on social media, as well.