Social Media: Tools to Help you Manage your Accounts

Services that make for-profit social media easier.

These are tools for scheduling content and tracking engagement so that you can manage your accounts and refine your social media strategy.

Hootsuite: Scheduling

With Hootsuite, you can schedule content to your social media channels in advance. This allows you to plan your six week campaigns and schedule content accordingly.

It's helpful for efficiency:  You have a lot of things to do when you're running a nonprofit, so you don't want to worry about posting on social media multiple times a day.

Google Analytics: Tracking Engagement

Google analytics can help you track how often your content is shared as well as how effective your social media channels are at driving traffic from a social source to your website.

This is especially helpful in determining if people are responding to calls to action on social media. It helps you figure out if people are simply engaging with your post or if they're also following through with giving.

Analytics Within Social Channels

  • Facebook – Insights: In your organization's Facebook page, click Insights to see each post's reach (how many people saw it) as well as engagement.
  • Twitter – View Tweet Engagement: You can click View Tweet Engagement to see impressions (which is similar to reach) and engagement for any individual tweet.

Try and figure out what your most successful content has in common. Did you post shareable media? Was your most successful content posted at the same time of day? Was there a clear call to action?

By considering what has made past content successful, you can create a great social media strategy looking forward!