Text Giving With iDonate

Summaries of how to use text giving.

You can now easily donate to an organization through text message! All you have to do is send a text message to [your organization's custom number] with the amount you'd like to donate, e.g. text "20" to 5559 to donate 20 dollars to the campaign linked to 5559. You will then receive a response text with a link to set up your donation account. Click the link and fill in your personal and credit card information.

Three Steps of Text Giving

If you're on an Apple device, you can simply take a picture of your credit card and the payment information will be filled in automatically. Once the information is filled in, press the Donate button. You'll receive a response text thanking you for your donation, and an email receipt will be sent to you.

Since payment information is stored, all you have to do to make an additional donation is text the amount, and the donation will be automatically made!

If you'd like to set up a recurring donation based on your previous donation, just text REPEAT and follow the prompt to set up the frequency of your recurring donation.

If you made a donation in error, just text REFUND and your donation will be refunded to you. Or, type SUPPORT to see all the actions you can take.

Short Code

Short code text campaigns offer unlimited texts and donations using unique IDs or keywords that your organization chooses (such as your organization or campaign name, or another easy-to-remember phrase). There is a limit of 600 donations/minute.

The donor texts to our 5-digit code (52014), types in your ID (@YourOrgID), and follows the message prompts to complete their donation. iDonate allows you to have an unlimited number of keywords.

 Long Code

Long code text campaigns use a 10-digit phone number that we assign to you and the donor texts their donation amount to. There is a limit of 60 donations/minute.

Text Giving Commands and Phrases

iDonate Text guides donors through the giving process with various prompts that allow them to easily correct mistakes in the giving process or update their information. Some command prompts will appear throughout the giving process or donors can view this list of commands by typing SUPPORT:

  • BACK – Cancel a donation before account set up.
  • REFUND – After account set up, cancel a donation made within the last 30 minutes.
  • DONE – End the current donation session.
  • REPEAT – Start a recurring donation. Before the dollar amount is texted, the donor can type REPEAT, then choose from the frequency option they prefer: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. After the dollar amount is texted, the donor will be asked if they want to make the donation recurring and asked for their frequency preference.
  • DELETE – Cancel a recurring donation.
  • QUIT, CANCEL, or STOP – Any of these commands will allow your donor to opt out of receiving all messages.
  • START or YES – If donors has opted out, either of these commands will opt them back into receiving messages.
  • HISTORY – Request a giving statement via email.
  • EDIT or UPDATE – Change payment or user profile information.
  • SUPPORT – View a list of all commands while making a donation.