Two-Factor Authentication

How to log in with advanced security features.

With one-factor authentication (commonly known as Username/Password), if a username and password were to be obtained by a bad actor, those credentials could then be used to gain full access to an organization's data. Two-factor authentication, however, utilizes the authorized user's mobile device in order to ensure a higher level of security.

Organizations that wish to opt in to Two-Factor Authentication are encouraged to Contact our Support Team.

Install an Authenticator

To begin the login process, ensure that your mobile device has Google Authenticator, 2FA, or a similar app installed. Twilio Authy is another popular app used for two-factor authentication.

Scan QR Code

Once you have your authenticator app installed on your mobile device, scan the QR code presented on the screen (redacted below for security purposes).

Your authenticator app will then display your One-Time Code, which is used to reach the next step (or factor) of the process. You will only be required to scan the QR code once to connect your authenticator app with your iDonate login.

Important – After this step, you will be given a unique ID for your records, known as a Recovery Code. Keep this unique ID safe, as it can be used to log in without the use of the authenticator app. Remember, no one can hack a post-it note. Just don't keep it on your desk!

Factor 1: Username and Password

After the initial connection with your authenticator app, the first step (or "factor") of the authentication will be your GMS username and password that you used to log in before the update to Two-Factor Authentication.

Factor 2: The One-Time Code

When prompted for the One-Time Code, open your authenticator app on your mobile device, select your iDonate login, and enter the six-digit code displayed.

At this point, you will be logged in to GMS.

Alternative Login Options

If you are unable to use the standard Two-Factor Authentication, select Try another method when prompted for the One-Time Code. You will be presented with the following options:

  • Google Authenticator or similar – This is the standard Two-Factor Authentication login method described above.
  • Email – This will send a login code to the email address you use to log in to GMS.
  • Recovery code – This utilizes the unique ID, also known as the Recovery Code, you were assigned after the initial connection described above.