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Understanding Donation Decline Codes in CardConnect

This article outlines some of the most common Gateway Response Codes for donation declines and offers steps to address them effectively.

Decline (RPCT - 500)

  • Reason: This decline may be due to a number of issues, and is almost always something that can be resolved on the donor's end.
  • Resolution: The donor should be advised to verify they are using a valid, activated, and sufficiently funded payment method to make their donation. 

Note: An excessive number of "Decline (RPCT - 500)" errors may indicate the organization fell victim to a card tester bot. This could result in their merchant account being temporarily deactivated, and must be addressed immediately for donations to resume as normal.

Expired card (RPCT - 101)

  • Reason: The card has passed its expiration date.
  • Resolution: The donor should use a different payment method to give.

AVS Mismatch (PPS - 101)

  • Reason: The address the donor entered on the giving form does not match the billing address associated with their payment method.
  • Resolution: The donor should verify the billing information tied to their payment method matches what they enter on the giving form.

CVV2 Declined (RPCT - 517)

  • Reason: This error will return for organizations that use valid CVV as an additional safeguard against fraud. When CVV does not match the card information, the payment will decline.
  • Resolution: The donor should ensure they have the correct card number, expiration date, and CVV before attempting to make another donation.

Not Sufficient Funds (RPCT - 116)

  • Reason: If a pre-loaded card, then there are not enough funds left to complete the transaction. This could also mean the donor has exceeded their credit limit.
  • Resolution: The donor should resolve this error with their card issuer.

Restricted card (RPCT - 104)

  • Reasons:
    • Security: The card may have been flagged for fraudulent activity or reported as stolen by the cardholder, and was therefore restricted by the issuer until the cardholder resolves the issue.

    • Account Issues: The card account may be delinquent, over its credit limit, or in violation of the issuer's terms and conditions.

  • Resolution: The donor must reach out to their card issuer to resolve, or consider using a different payment method.

Transaction not permitted to cardholder (RPCT - 119)

  • Similar to the "Restricted card" error, here are some reasons why the transaction may not be permitted to the cardholder:
    • Account & Security Issues: Their account has been marked delinquent or potentially fraudulent 
    • Transaction Type: Their card is restricted for certain transaction types (such as recurring payments, merchant types, etc.)
  • Resolution: The donor must reach out to their card issuer to resolve, or consider using a different payment method.

Invalid zip (PPS - 17)

  • Reason: The zip code entered either did not match the rest of the address, or was entered in an invalid format (such as with spaces or non-numeric characters).
  • Resolution: The donor should verify their billing information is corrected entered and formatted before attempting to make another donation.

Invalid Account Number (RPCT - 131)

  • Reason: The account number provided cannot be validated by the gateway.
  • Resolution: The donor should verify their payment information is valid and correct.

Exceeds withdrawal amount (RPCT - 121)

  • Reason: The transaction exceeds the total credit limit of the card, or the allowed one-time withdrawal amount.
  • Resolution: The donor should confirm their allowed withdrawal amount before attempting to give again, or use a different payment method.