Your Staff and the Giving Form

Familiarizing oneself with the Giving Form at an organizational level.

We're confident that once your staff sees just how easy it is to donate to your organization using the new donation form, they'll want to let people know.

Introducing Your Staff to the Giving Form

Showing your staff how the donation form works helps them understand how easy donating is and allows them to walk your donors through the donation process.

The new donation form and ability to accept noncash donations is also a great excuse to contact your donors and stay top of mind with them.

We recommend taking some time to introduce the donation form to your staff. You could do this in a staff meeting where you demonstrate the process, or you could encourage them to click around on the form on their own.

A Few Features to Point Out

  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to understand/ icon driven
  • 3 letter search
  • Minimal information required
  • Easy to navigate
  • Donor friendly donation process

Generating Excitement

Hopefully, your organization is staffed with people who are passionate about your cause. As you show your staff the form, give your staff a reason to get excited about it by communicating the potential impact of the iDonate GMS and noncash donations.

Cast a vision for what could be if your donor base embraces noncash donations. Set goals and rewards for your organization to encourage staff to tell donors (outside of marketing campaigns) about the new donation form and ability to accept noncash.