Add a New Designation to a Giving Form

Making the connection.

Adding Designations to your Campaign

In order for designations to be available on your giving form, they must first be associated with a campaign. This can be done on new Campaigns by following the steps outline in: The New Campaign. For existing Campaigns, use the following steps:

  1. While logged into the iDonate back office, click Campaigns
  2. Click the Campaign ellipse, and select Edit Campaign
  3. Locate and select the Designation(s) dropdown 
  4. Click to select your desired Designations
  5. Click Save Campaign

Adding Designations to a Giving Form

Now that your designations are on your Campaign, you can add them to a Giving Form! 

  1. From your Campaign Home, find your Giving Form and click Edit
  2. Click Designations from the Element Library
  3. Click to add/remove designations from your Giving Form.

Note: the order that designations are selected is the order in which they will appear to donors. To clear designated funds, you may either use the Select All button or manually deselect each one. 

Designation Element

Once more than one designation is added to the form, you will see the Designation dropdown field appear on the Giving form. You may drag and drop this field anywhere you'd like on the form.

Multiple Designations

When toggled on, Allow Multiple Designations will allow donors to split their gift between multiple designations.

Default Designation

The Default Designation is pre-selected for the donor on the giving form. If the donor takes no action, their gift will transaction with this designation.