The Giving Form Ellipsis Menu

Advanced Options

In addition to the more familiar tools included in the Giving Form Builder, such as the Custom Content element or the Custom CSS section, there is also a small collection of advanced options included in the Ellipsis Menu.  These tools will allow you to expand the abilities of your form.

Get Embed Code

This is the code that you place on your web page that will load and render the Giving Form.

Duplicate Form

This feature is a great way to start doing A/B Tests.  This will create a copy of your Giving Form that you can then adjust and test.

Save as Template

If you have a layout that you're particularly fond of, you can save the Giving Form as a Template, which will allow you to start building from a Giving Form Template rather than starting over every time you want to build a Giving Form.

Reference Code

This is a way to associate different Giving Forms with one another.  Using Reporting, you can view all transactions made through Giving Forms with a certain Reference Code.

Redirect URL

This will allow you to send your donor to a page of your choosing once the transaction is complete, bypassing the Confirmation Page.

As an added bonus, the data from the transaction, i.e. name, amount, ZIP, will be appended to the Redirect URL's parameters.

Update Hosted Page Details

This allows you to change the appearance and title of your Hosted Page.