Configuring Tickets

Adding tickets to an event adds an additional fundraising avenue.

Create New Ticket

When you reach the Tickets page while configuring the event, select Create New at the top right of the interface.

Configuring the Ticket

Tickets can be tailored to the needs of the event using the interface pictured here.

  • Ticket
    • Ticket Name – Set a name for the ticket. Different tiers of tickets can help drive sales.
    • Description – Describe the benefits of purchasing the ticket.
  • Ticket Price
    • Ticket Price – Set the price for tickets if they are not free of charge.
    • Fair Market Value – Alternative payment methods, e.g. a meal of equal value. This section is optional.
  • Quantities
    • Quantity – Set the total amount of tickets to sell. If there is no limit, select No Limit.
  • Status and Availability
    • Status – Select the ticket status: open, closed, or hidden. Open tickets can be purchased on the event page. Closed tickets can no longer be purchased. Hidden tickets are still open, but not shown on the event page.
    • Start Selling – The date to begin selling tickets.
    • Stop Selling – The date to stop selling tickets.
    • Assign Survey – If you want to include a survey with the ticket purchase, you can do so here.