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The essentials

What is a donation page?

Start converting more donors with our guide to donation pages.

Optimizing donation page load time

Slow donation page load times got you down? This guide is for you.

PCI compliance for nonprofits

A crash course in PCI compliance for your nonprofit.


Digital Fundraising Resources

We exist to help catalyze abundant generosity.

At iDonate, we love simplifying digital fundraising so nonprofits can grow 2x the industry benchmark on average! It’s kinda our thing.

See for yourself

Why we give hasn’t changed.

Here, we believe causes should spend their time changing the world with the kind of change that keeps an unrelenting pace. The kind of change that can’t be stopped, slowed, or stalled. Change fueled by people who aren’t satisfied by wanting it to happen — they make it happen. Why we give hasn’t changed. But how we give has.

We believe advocacy isn’t a transaction, it’s involvement. That a difference can be sparked in an instant. That people are an incredible force for change, and that we owe it to them to be the fuel to their fire. We owe it to the world. A world we want to make better by giving people the best tools to build it. Fix it. Improve it. Restore it.


Donors today value user experience.

At iDonate, we have a deep understanding of two things: what drives donors to give and what can prevent organizations from meeting online giving goals. We’ve done the heavy lifting required to simplify every step of your online giving experiences. Our goal is to help your organization regain lost and unproductive time and start seeing change in your online fundraising today.

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We believe that a cause’s success isn’t tied to the mission — it’s fueled by your impact with donors.

And today’s donors expect a giving experience that will immerse them in a cause they support.


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registered 501(c)3s in the US, 2017


total giving that comes from individuals

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Our Secret Sauce

more good. more impact.