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Simplifying digital fundraising so you can raise more.,do more.,test more.,optimize more.,engage more.,grow more.

iDonate enables nonprofits like yours to grow 2x the industry benchmark. We guarantee it! Learn more.

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Simplifying digital fundraising so you can raise more.,do more.,test more.,optimize more.,engage more.,grow more.

iDonate enables nonprofits like yours to grow 2x the industry benchmark. We guarantee it! Learn more.

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See why enterprise nonprofits

Partner with iDonate!

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Stressful to Successful.

Learn how Campus Outreach took their Summer Beach Project from being one of their biggest headaches to becoming one of their biggest successes.

Hear what it was like to go from only 15% online gifts to over 90% in digital fundraising, and easily grew their donations drastically in the process!

Read the full case study >

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Tiny Tweaks, Big Results

A small, but tactical fix to their online giving form resulted in a 20% increase in recurring revenue for ZOE International.

Learn how ZOE did it, and how you can incorporate their event and brand messaging strategies for your own organization.

Read the full case study >

iD_Midwest Food Bank_CaseStudy


Setting the Standard

Midwest Food Bank has made it easy for donors to give, and give again, resulting in a 54% retention rate – well above the industry standard.

Read how Midwest utilized the Opt-In feature on their giving form to create an even larger impact.

Read the full case study >

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A Simpler Approach

Thomas Jefferson University took a simplified approach to their digital fundraising and increased their total donors by 400%.

Learn how they leveraged iDonate’s comprehensive platform to create simple and personal campaigns for their growing donor base.

Read the full case study >

How much in digital donations are you missing out on each year?

Use our Value Assessment Calculator to see how much in digital donations you're leaving on the table by not using iDonate's Digital Fundraising Platform and Donor-First Optimizers to raise 2x the industry benchmark!

Best part is it's completely FREE and it takes less than 2 minutes!

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We've simplified digital fundraising.

 Optimized to Help You Raise More


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Engage Digitally

  • Robust Suite of Giving Tools
  • Chapters & Parent/Child
  • Multi-channel Fundraising
  • Unified Branding (CSS & fully customizable SDK)

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Enhance Conversions

  • Point & Click A/B Testing
  • Template Libraries
  • Optimization Coaching (powered by NextAfter)
  • Real-time Reporting

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Personalize Asks

  • Giving Impact Equation (real-time gift impact display)
  • Customer Gift Array Labels
  • Audience Intelligence
  • Campaign Goal Meters

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Amplify Growth

  • Smart Recurring Gifts
  • Contextual Giving
  • Advanced Donor Acquisition
  • Corporate Gift Matching (Double the Donation)

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Results so good, we simply guarantee 'em.

Unlock our one-of-a-kind 2x Guarantee when you purchase our Professional or Network Package!

We are so confident in the transformative power of our Digital Fundraising Platform, Donor-First Optimizers, and Digital Amplification Services, that we guarantee you'll grow 2x the industry benchmark each year on average.

Learn More About Our 2x Guarantee

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It's simple math...

The iDonate Way really adds up!

Platform +

All-in-One Fundraising Platform

Engage Digitally

Optimize Conversions

Personalize  Asks

Amplify Growth

D1 +


Point & Click A/B Testing

Recurring Gift Prompt

Contextual Giving

Advanced Donor Acquisition

and more...

DA =


Optimization Coaching

Implementation/ Tech Support

Dedicated Customer Success

Tailored Onboarding/Training

and more...



With so much added value built into our digital fundraising platform and services, it's no wonder our customers see yearly growth more than 2x the industry benchmark on average!

Learn more about our 2x Guarantee!

Teach Me the iDonate Way

We integrate with the best of 'em!

Finally you can simplify & configure your back-end systems.

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All the essential giving apps you need!

So donors can give how, when, & where they want.


Learn More

Accept the most-used payment types!

Making it easy for your donors to give generously.

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Simplify + Optimize + Amplify

With iDonate, raising donor support online is so easy, you'll think you have developed super powers. Take the complexity out of digital fundraising with our advanced platform, patented Donor-First Optimizers, and Digital Amplification Services. Time to flex your iDonate super powers!


Configurable Platform

Our newly updated user interface allows you to integrate and manage your digital giving in one spot.


Giving Form

Embeddable giving forms, easily customized with point & click editing and CSS branding consistency capabilities.



Full integrations with the main CRMs, plus API and webhook capabilities to collect and  manage your data seamlessly.


A/B Testing

One-of-a-kind point & click A/B testing built right into the platform for powerful form & landing page optimization.


Built-in Optimizers

No other platform provides built-in optimization tools that empower you to run advanced digital fundraising strategies.


Real-Time Reporting

With dashboards and advanced reporting, you'll know exactly how your campaigns are performing in real-time.

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Our Secret Sauce


Unrivaled Customer Support

“iDonate’s customer support is incredible. They’re very timely in helping solve issues and they have listened to my feedback on P2P and implemented new features that I have requested.

We used to be 85% manual giving and only 15% digital. Now, because of iDonate, it's just the opposite. We now collect over 90% of our donations online. It's been a game changer for us, especially for our Summer Beach Project event!”

Campus OutreachKevin Wilke
Customer Experience

Learn more about how iDonate's unique and comprehensive approach to digital fundraising can empower your nonprofit, too! Schedule a meeting with one of our fundraising experts to see how you can optimize your giving experience and amplify your growth! 

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Digital Fundraising Platform You've Been Waiting For.

Did you know that 80% of nonprofits in the latest GiveSmart study indicated their digital fundraising technology is NOT meeting their needs? Plus, over 30% are still using inherited, out-of-date tools!

Sadly, studies show the majority of nonprofits are still paying for multiple stand-alone tools, with limited features and capabilities. The ability for these tools to make a significant impact is decreased because they are disjointed, very difficult to configure, and don't fully integrate with your CRM nor each other. 

Time to invest in an advanced and comprehensive Digital Fundraising Platform that will seamlessly integrate into your backend systems and amplify the overall effectiveness and growth of your fundraising by 2x the industry average. Finally, growth has never been easier!

Learn more about our Donor-First Digital Fundraising Platform!

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Donor-First Optimizers

When it comes to digital fundraising optimization, you need a platform that makes it simple to test, configure, and adapt your giving experience to meet the needs and expectations of your donors.

We've partnered with NextAfter, the recognized leader in digital-first fundraising, to bring the modern fundraiser the optimization tools they need.

We've built in a robust set of Donor-First Optimizers:
  • Point & Click A/B Testing
  • Pre-optimized Template Library
  • Personalized Gift Array Labels
  • Corporate Gift Matching
  • Recurring Gift Prompt
  • Advanced Donor Acquisition
  • Giving Impact Equation
  • Contextual Giving and more!

Want to find out what our Donor-First Optimizers could help you grow your annual digital donations? Take our FREE Value Assessment now!

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Digital Amplification Services

We know if can be difficult, sometimes even overwhelming, to keep up with the constantly evolving technology within the digital fundraising space. Each year brings new tools, features, strategies, and systems which fundraisers (like you) have to figure out how to integrate into your digital fundraising landscape. It's a lot, we know.

That's why we provide an unrivaled set of services to help simplify those complexities, optimize for success, and amplify your growth!

  • Optimization Coaching (powered by NextAfter)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Account Managers
  • Unmatched Implementation Support
  • New Customer Onboarding & Training
  • Full Technical Support Team

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Learn More About Our 2x Guarantee

iDonate Customer Case Studies

Explore how our enterprise customers are utilizing our Donor-First Optimizers & Digital Fundraising Platform in unique and powerful ways to amplify their growth!

Campus Outreach: Parent/Child Org Restructuring & Peer-to-Peer Giving

Campus Outreach Mission

The vision of Campus Outreach International is “Glorifying God by building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World.” Campus Outreach does this by boldly sharing the Gospel on college campuses and training students to become...

Midwest Food Bank: Amplifying Donor Growth with Non-Cash Giving

What started as a community food drive from a family farm in Illinois, turned into a global effort to help end world hunger.


Since 2003, Midwest Food Bank has grown to be one of the largest food banks in the United States. They rely on the...

Thomas Jefferson University: Personalization + Multi-Channel Fundraising

“We attribute our growth in online donations to the fact that with iDonate we can easily run specific, personalized giving campaigns that our alumni can connect to.” - DAVID RITCHIE DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION SERVICES


Since Thomas Jefferson...

Chicago Zoological Society: Embeddable & Trackable Giving Forms

For the Brookfield Zoo, properly feeding and caring for a zoo full of animals costs $41,000 per DAY.

The CZS decided to be very clear about their need for donations and honest about the cost with their members and donors. They relied on iDonate to...

InterVarsity Canada: Custom Designations & Muti-Channel Fundraising

“Online donations for the 6 months we’ve been using iDonate vs. the same time last year have gone up 19% - this is encouraging.” - BEN LALL Chief Financial Officer

Since 1928, InterVarsity Canada has been committed to inspiring youth, students, and...

VetDogs: Giving Tuesday Success Amplified by Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

America’s VetDogs, and its sister organization, the Guide Dog Foundation, enhance mobility, renew independence and provide greater quality of life to service members.

America’s VetDogs

The guide and service dog programs of America’s VetDogs, and its...

Catholic Charities of Dallas: Timely Deployment of Emergency Aid

Catholic Charities of Dallas (CCD) quickly created a campaign in iDonate and sent fundraising appeals to their current email list. Donors promptly responded, making March and April the best-performing months for digital giving in the organization’s...

ZOE International: Recurring Gift Prompt & Donor Form Optimization

iDonate simplifies digital fundraising for ZOE International, allowing them to raise 20% more in Recurring Revenue & much more! Tactical Giving Strategies, like iDonate's built-in recurring gift prompt, sparked a 20% increase in recurring revenue...

SLO Food Bank: Exceeding Goals by Pairing P2P with Event Fundraising

SLO Food Bank works to alleviate hunger in the San Luis Obispo County community, with an intent on delivering nutrition and care for those in need.


Working closely with community partners in San Luis Obispo County, SLO Food Bank believes in...

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more good. more impact.


Increase in digital giving



of donations from digital channels.


2x faster

funding timelines.

Campus Outreach

"iDonate has been a key piece in making what we do possible. You are facilitating the continuation and expansion of our vision and impact."

– Phil Sineath


Read More About Campus Outreach

more good. more impact.


Increase in digital giving



of donations from digital channels.


2x faster

funding timelines.

Campus Outreach

"iDonate has been a key piece in making what we do possible. You are facilitating the continuation and expansion of our vision and impact."

– Phil Sineath


Read More About Campus Outreach

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