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Why You Should Care About P2P Fundraising

Why You Should Care About P2P Fundraising

If you want to be hip with the lingo, P2P stands for peer-to-peer fundraising—a phenomenon that raises billions of dollars each year. We see P2P in our social media feeds every day with things like Facebook Birthday fundraisers, and we can look to an adorable group that brings in over $700 million each year with their cookie sales. Yep, I am talking about the Girl Scouts of America.  They have mastered P2P fundraising and built a model that many organizations use as an example we can all learn from.

Have you ever purchased a box of Girl Scout cookies? If yes, what made you purchase them? Are you a fan of thin mints? (Personally, I think they are best in the freezer.) Maybe you weren’t even thinking about cookies, but the price is reasonable, so why not? 

Wouldn’t it be easier for the Girl Scouts to focus on mass production and get into as many stores as possible? After all, we all know the organization – wouldn’t this help double, maybe even triple their profits if they were accessible to people everywhere? 

The thing the Girl Scouts have done better than just about any other organization is they have mastered “the ask”. I am willing to bet the reason you have ever said “yes” to buying a box of cookies (or three) is because of the adorable girl standing in front of you, directly asking you to make that purchase.

This is an example of the power of social influence and the reason P2P fundraising is so successful. The power of social influence/the power of “the ask” not only empowers your supporters who love you, but also helps to bring in new people to your organization because they are saying “yes” to their friends and family.

P2PMockupSo, you will need to find the right people in your organization to make the ask, but what is the ask? Your P2P campaign must have these qualities:

  • It must be peer-to-peer. Your fundraisers have to connect with their personal networks.
  • The average human can participate. While I love the idea of running a marathon, not everyone can finish 26.2 miles. You want an activity that can gain “most” supporters.
  • Connect people to your mission. Articulate the impact of the organization and how their fundraising is making a difference. 
  • Fundraising is upfront, not an afterthought. While you can probably think of 10 ways to start a campaign, it must be easy to tie
    into fundraising. 
  • Scalable, it can be duplicated and repeated. You want to build off your success each year.
  • The fundraiser, not the organization, is the hero. P2P is a platform that allows the people who love you the most to tell their stories.

While it is an involved process to create a new P2P campaign for your organization, the technology part can be simple. iDonate has best in class templates that can help you create a campaign in minutes. We strive to give you the customization you want while providing built in best practices to ensure your fundraisers maximize their efforts. iDonate not only makes your job easier, it also helps you equip your amazing fundraisers to make the task as easy and convenient as possible.

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