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Welcome to another edition of Connected Giving. We continue to receive great responses to this magazine and we’re excited about the momentum of bringing its content to you. We hope in some way it will encourage or even inspire you to continue to change the world with your mission.

This issue’s featured organization, SAFE Alliance, brings to light tough subjects that are hard to talk about: sexual assault and domestic violence. According to their website,

  • 1 in 3 women will be impacted by sexual assault or domestic violence during their lifetime.
  • In the US, 3 women are killed every day by an intimate partner.
  • 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 6 boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday.

Just writing these figures down is unsettling, much less imagining the trauma faced by victims on a daily basis.

SAFE Alliance’s goal is to provide hope and healing to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. Not only is this organization doing a great job of meeting the definition of that mission, they offer a personal touch that few in the industry practice.

SAFE writes a personal handwritten thank you to each of its donors.

We’re a tech company; we talk to nonprofits every day about the value of tech and automation. But it’s still hard to replace the “blocking and tackling” of addressing your supporters in a personal note. That’s one reason why SAFE is a highly successful and fast-growing organization. People are giving and their contributions are changing the world.

We call ourselves “do-gooders” at iDonate because we acknowledge that our mission is to come alongside great organizations like SAFE Alliance and help in any way we can. We’re honored to be a small part of the good they’re doing in the world, and grateful that organizations like SAFE are willing to take on such tough problems in society.

I hope you enjoy this issue and particularly hope you’re inspired.

Ray Gary
CEO, iDonate



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