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iDonate 2.0 - New Hire Learning Path

This document’s goal is to assist new iDonate employees in learning the iDonate platform. This will be lined out with topic timelines and activities to ensure content mastery of the specific module.


Required materials

  • Custom iDonate Organization
    • Created by manager in GMSNext - how-to article listed below
      • https://www.idonate.com/internal-knowledge/how-to-create-a-new-organization-profile-in-idonate
  • iDonate Product Links
  • DSS Portal (Donor Self Serve) 
  • GMSNext
  • Google Authenticator App (or equivalent)
    • Download on Mobile device, will be used for 2FA for logins in production
  • Total Product Overview
    • https://www.idonate.com/internal-knowledge/product-training-and-qa-2
  • Documented Product trainings
    • https://www.idonate.com/internal-knowledge/product-trainings


Product Training Path (w/ links)

  • Reporting Section Overview

  • The New Campaign

  • Designations Overview

    • Events Overview
    • Peer-to Peer (P2P) Overview


    • Donor Self Serve Portal Overview

    • GMSNext Training