Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

When a brand is consistent in how it looks; the message it conveys; how it makes people feel; and what it delivers day in and day out; people know what to expect and how to engage. When people know what to expect, they begin to trust. For a Connected Giving org, trust-building lays the foundation that makes the connection feasible. Without trust, there is no connection.

What Makes a Consistent Brand?

A consistent brand representation means that no matter where the donor finds your nonprofit, it looks, feels, sounds, and works the same way.


Why is Brand Consistency Important?

People trust brands they recognize and know. Trust plays a key role in the purchasing decisions people make and the decision to share with their friends.

  • Consistent brand representation across all platforms increases revenue by 23%. (Lucidpress, 2019)
  • It takes 5 to 7 impressions for a person to remember a brand. (SmallBiz)
  • 90% of consumers expect to have a similar experience with a brand across platforms. (TailorBrand)

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